Why Angel Learning Center

  1. We are committed to bringing high standards of early childhood education to our community.
  2. We are one of the largest state-of-the-art Early Learning Centers in the state of Georgia.
  3. We surpass state standards by providing excellent child-teacher ratios.
  4. We believe it is our responsibility to not just provide healthy organic food to our children but teach them how to grow, cook and produce healthy meals from the start.
  5. We will provide a VISIBLE difference of diverse educational learning by not only our approach to teaching but with the available resources to the children in our facility.


Infants need close relationships with caring, consistant adults, face to face language stimulation, and the opportunity to move in a safe environment that does not restrict their active curiosity.


Toddlers require an environment which supports autonomy. Developmentally, toddlers have boundless energy, insatiable curiousity and a strong desire for independence.


Three year olds will remember concepts and strategies through hands-on experiences. Experimentation and language development will continue to grow as they are now able to take more initiative in their learning.


Four year olds still need the guidance of teachers to facilitate learning through more concrete experiences. They continue to make more independent choices and develop more social skills with peers in both small and large groups.

Meet Our Team

Quality and dedication that is second to none!

Classroom Facilities

Our 22,000 square foot facility consists of a lobby where our friendly receptionist will greet you and your child each day and answer any necessary questions. All parents must enter via our ProCare system where their families individual matters regarding attendance and tuition will be monitored. We also have a digital information board to keep parents updated with the current events.
As you enter our state-of the-art facility you will be impressed by the size, the cleanliness and security cameras of each classroom. We have two classrooms assigned to each age level, infants to pre-k children. Along with each of these rooms, we have a large gym/multi-purpose room, an infant/toddler room gross motor room, and art room, a nurse/isolation room for sick children, a child-size culinary kitchen, a STEM laboratory and an afterschool classroom.
If you step outside, you will see an age-appropriate playground behind each set of classrooms, an interactive ecosystem off to the side of the building and large field for outdoor activities.

Our culinary arts room is a child appropriate kitchen that will be used to engage children in the process of food preparation. The focus will be on healthy food choices, sustainability and the use of whole foods rather than processed foods. Because the center will have vegetable gardens on the grounds, children will see the process of food preparation from “farm to table”.

They will be involved in the cultivation, composting, harvesting and cooking of a variety of foods. Cooking is an activity which easily integrates academic skills such as science, math and language arts while teaching the children how to work together and follow directions.

This space will allow children to come together in work groups to investigate a variety of topics related to science, technology, engineering and math. The goal here is to have children actively engaged in experiments, projects or exploration that is driven by their natural curiosity.

The lab will provide a space where these projects or experiments can be housed and revisited as children investigate and document their work. Research suggests that intellectual readiness rather than academic readiness may be the key to school success especially in terms of these critical skill areas.

An indoor gross motor room will encourage physical development through different types of play that will incorporate balance, hand-eye coordination, tumbling, dance, yoga, introduction to a variety of balls and calisthenics. Research has stated children do not engage in enough physical activity on a regular basis to incur health benefits. With this and other rising obesity statistics in our children today, we are dedicated to integrating physical activities throughout the day to improve the overall health of the children we serve.

Our creative arts room is equipped with work space and materials for a variety of creative expression ventures. Some examples would be: two and three dimensional art projects; painting; exploring water color; pottery, clay, and wire sculptures; paper mâché, and paper production are just some of the innovative projects we will introduce your children to so they can find different ways to express themselves and work with new materials while expanding their vocabulary. Projects may be individual or in small groups allowing for communication, planning and collaboration.

This room will have soft flooring, vinyl covered ramps, steps and bolsters for young crawlers and toddlers to move freely and safely. Infants need “tummy time” to develop strong trunks and neck stabilization. Toddlers will be able to work on balance, coordination and control in this “soft” room.

Your Children

Angel Learning center believes children need four things to assure healthy development in all children. 

  • Nature: children need to explore the outdoors and find their place in it. Through nature, we will provide real life science experiences to grow your child’s natural curiosity for their world while simultaneously learning to appreciate and care for it through eco-friendly behaviors.
  • Human Touch: Children need a pat on the back, a lap to sit in, a hand to hold, a warm hug. Our staff will provide and guide appropriate experiences for your child and their time in our care.
  • Human Interaction: As children learn to speak and interact with other people, they are acquiring language skills to build upon through every future interaction. We will assure your child develops the language and scripts needed to effectively communicate with both peers and caregivers. Our staff will also hold a high regard for modeling this approach with both parents and colleagues.
  • Physical Activity: Not only do we provide age appropriate outdoor play areas, we also have our own indoor gross motor room and multi-purpose room. Your child will be encourage to be an active part of daily gross motor activities that not only enhance your child’s physical abilities but also stimulates proper brain function.


Keeping children safe involves education, supervision, and environment, with environment being the most crucial. From the construction to the interior design and finishing with furniture selection, we have designed the safest environment for your child. It is essential that our caregivers are also trained to identify and remove any potential hazards. This creates an environment that allows children to move and play freely and safely, and allows our staff to spend more time nurturing and caring for each child. Along with these standards, we have also incorporated cameras and technology in every room. The caregiver provides updated information for the parent via the web and the parents have visual access to the classroom at any moment of the day.


While children are encouraged to master developmental milestones in each classroom, there is flexibility inherent in our curriculum to accommodate each student’s interests and potential. The aim is to encourage active, independent learning and to create a balance of individual mastery with group cooperation. Our cutting-edge strategy is strong and our enthusiasm for success is skyrocketing!


Angel Learning Center uses Creative Curriculum which accents the integrated quality of all learning domains: cognitive, emotional, language, physical and social. It provides ongoing assessment of each child’s learning and development and allows our staff to communicate this progress to our families. All of the core-learning areas are fully integrated within each other, resulting in a remarkably authentic education. Being able to integrate subject areas make learning experiences more relevant and related, creating a natural and authentic education.

Your children’s education and welfare are our main priorities.